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bucket bag

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What is Bucket Bag?
Bucket bag is a sack purse. Its shape resembles the shape of a bag or a bucket. In our offer you will find stiffened or soft bag-shaped models. The Bucket Bag is closed with a convenient string, which not only adds charm to the bag, but also protects the contents of the bag.

What will a Bucket bag fit? Despite its small size, you can fit all the necessary small items such as a phone, headphones, wallet, keys or a book.

We sew our charming handbags from b They are extremely damage-resistant fabrics. We have designed Bucket Bags in three sizes. In this way, we can meet the expectations of each of our clients. For women who value classics and elegance, we offer small and charming handbags on a chain.
The Bucket Bag will be perfect in the summer, when you can feel freedom, carefree and at ease with every step. Combine it with an airy dress and a straw hat and you'll be ready to conquer beautiful places.