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Militu  is a Warsaw brand that creates handmade bags, clothes and accessories in accordance with the philosophy of slow fashion.  

We design and sew bags that serve for years - they are practical, durable and very feminine.

We believe that it is not changing trends, but good design, high quality and functionality that will always defend themselves. 

Each of our handbags is unique and has a story, just like you.


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How to clean a bag?
The summer period is the time when our bags are exposed to dirt. How to make a bag look like new again? Below are some tips that will help you choose the right form of cleaning depending on the material from which your bag is made.
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Militu - something more than bags

When choosing a bag, we are often faced with a choice: convenience or attractive appearance? A large, cavernous bag that will fit the entire house or a small, elegant and compact? Most of us are on the side of convenience, choosing large shapeless bags that cover the entire figure, or we buy a small, elegant bag in which we can not fit anything. Militu bags successfully combine high comfort of use and fashionable, modern design. Thanks to them, you can easily emphasize the advantages of your figure and you will become the owner of a beautifully sewn bag in which you can fit all the necessary things. Regardless of whether you are a young mother, student, active businesswoman or you travel the world with a backpack - you will find something for yourself.

Militu - no matter where you are going, we are with you

The Militu brand is a Polish brand created by women for women. We want to support women in their aspirations and dreams. We assume that what you surround yourself with has a big impact on your well-being. That is why we offer you the highest quality products with a stunning design. Milit bags are made, among others made of ecological leather, pleasant to the touch upholstery velor and vegan leather. These materials are perfect for the production of bags, they are strong and durable, ensuring high comfort of use. Militu bags are a tribute to femininity and comfort - they fit various shapes and are also great companions in every situation. Regardless of whether you are just boarding a plane, going to the office, going to the end of the world or going for a walk. When needed, you can hide everything you need in our bag. But in the evening the same model will fit neatly into your style. It happens that he gets along with high heels, colorful sneakers, but also flip-flops when you are just running to the beach. Each of our handbags is unique and has a story, just like you. What distinguishes Militu bags? We have a real wealth of designs and colors in our store, so that every woman, regardless of age, will find something for herself. However, if you have not found what you are looking for, please write to us or call us. We are flexible, so we will be happy to sew or modify a selected bag for you.

Militu - we know what women want

Militu addresses its offer to all women who do not want to settle for things from chain stores, but are looking for unique, practical, durable things with an interesting design. Militu bags will surely meet their expectations. Our models are universal, timeless and bravely accompany all everyday challenges, subtly displaying feminine strengths. Unusual, light and easy to clean Militu bags are gaining more and more popularity among women, combining high functionality and unique, modern design. Minuses? The only thing is that you will not want to part with them anymore. In addition to bags, our store's offer also includes backpacks, kidneys, sachets, clothes, beauticians and organizers. Why is it worth buying in Militu? Our brand bags are light and comfortable to use, delight with design and fashionable details. We sew bags in short series so you can be sure that what you buy is original and unique, made especially for you.

Polish shop with handmade bags

Militu is a Polish brand. We want to support the domestic economy, which is why every stage of the production of our bags takes place in Poland, from the purchase of fabrics and accessories, through design, sewing and shipping. Thanks to this, we have full control over the quality of our products. When choosing Militu bags, you can be sure that you are buying a Polish product. Militu offers a wide selection of handmade bags on the Internet. We are slowly becoming an international brand. Our hand-sewn bags have also been appreciated by customers from abroad, incl. Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. Among the many available designs you will find floral and animal motifs, eco leather bags with a delicate, metallic sheen, classic and elegant models and light bags - everyday bags. Militu bags and accessories are a great idea for a practical and original gift.

Handmade women's handbags

We create Militus products with passion, heart and great commitment. We follow trends and at the same time stay close to nature. We fit in with the idea of ​​an ethical brand that creates unique products that you will not find in chain stores. We produce in accordance with the philosophy of slow fashion and responsible consumption. The production of our bags is strictly subordinated to care for the natural environment. We are responsible and we only produce as much as is really needed. This means, first and foremost, the minimization of textile waste. We only accept solutions adopted in the modern world that guarantee respect for nature. Our most important idea is to create things that, thanks to their quality and uncompromising style, allow you to feel comfortable, comfortable and original. We select materials, colors and details with great care. We want the handbag that you will find in your hands to serve you for many years and still look great.

Militu - how to order?

It's easy! Add your dream bag to the basket, complete the order and wait for the delivery. We do not have large stocks. Some of our products are sewn on a regular basis, which means that you will have to wait a while for them, but believe us - it's worth waiting for good things. In the case of products that we have in stock, we guarantee express order fulfillment, which means that you will soon be able to enjoy your dream bag. Would you like to meet us in person? No problem. We invite you to our showroom in Warsaw's Mokotów, where you can try on, watch and do your shopping. By purchasing our brand products, you contribute to the development of local business. Take advantage of Milit's offer and join the group of fans of our brand. Trust our quality and see for yourself that it is worth buying Polish products and investing in quality and style at the same time.